In the last years we have been witnessing a considerable increase in the number of scientific journals that offer the possibility of publishing articles by paying a publication fee, almost always quite high. These journals are “open access” and the articles can be downloaded freely.
Even well-known Publishers and Reviews in the medical and dental field are now adopting this method of publishing articles.
Today the number of articles submitted to journals is so high that the selected reviewers do not always have specific skills on the topics of the articles submitted.
Sometimes all this affects the scientific quality of published works which, in the worst cases, transmit messages that can cause confusion.
This is extremely important for topics like the digital dentistry which is rapidly changing the daily dental practice. Very often all the information come from companies’ advertising which not always are based on clinical evidence The Digital Dentistry Society (DDS), has been founded for this very purpose and has always shown great attention to the scientific aspects, especially in this young but constantly evolving sector such as Digital Dentistry.
The DDS, in addition to many other annual scientific events, organizes a Consensus Conference every two years to set the state of the art of all the aspects related to the Digital Dentistry and this year we have reached the third edition.
Scientific evidence, based both on research but also on clinical applications, is our point of reference and for this reason we observe with extreme attention what is going on into the publishing world, to select for our thousands of members in the world the journals that most respect and maintain a rigorous scientific level.
On this path, it is a pleasure to inform all of you about a new evidence-based scientific journal entitled “Clinical Trials in Dentistry” ( The Editor in chief is Dr. Marco Esposito and the journal wishes to be a practical help for dentists in choosing the most effective therapies for their patients. You can find more info and follow the Facebook page at:

Table of Content: Vol. 02 – Issue 04 – December 2020